Hump Day – Karate Kid Style

I was just reading this article about the abominable “remake” of the Karate Kid and the casting replacement for Mr. Miyagi and it occurred to me that I haven’t done a Wednesday Hump Day video post in ages. So here it is, from the Karate Kid soundtrack:

Love this song. I totally AM the best around!


3 thoughts on “Hump Day – Karate Kid Style”

  1. Last week I watched this documentary called King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters about the people who are the best in the world at playing classic video games. It’s unintentionally funny and awesome. ANYWAY, during all the montages of the different dudes playing Donkey Kong, they play that song and I cracked up. I want it to be my theme song.

  2. Jackie Chan might get me to watch it on DVD. MIGHT.

    How can they expect to improve on perfection, though. Also, if they do “remake” it, and don’t have this song in it, then the movie is a joke.

    Actually, I’m gonna pretend like a remake isn’t happening. That will make life much happier.

  3. KBO – That’s on my Netflix Instant List. And because of this information, it just got bumped up!

    Strugglingwriter – Welcome! Every thing about this remake is WRONG WRONG WRONG. I like Jackie but he’s no Pat Morita. You don’t replace Pat Morita. ABOMINATION!

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