Nanananananana MacWorld!

This is the third year in a row that I’ve been able to get my geek on at MacWorld San Francisco. And, while it’s always a good time, this year was pretty subdued as it’s Apple’s last year at the expo. On Tuesday, Apple announced iLife 09 (which actually looks pretty cool), iWork 09 (which has some decent enhancements, though I don’t use it all that often), new 17″ MacBook Pros (to round out the line), and, my favorite, DRM free iTunes with new pricing and higher quality. I know a lot of MacGeeks were disappointed because the rumor mill was going crazy, but honestly, the point of pulling out of MacWorld is largely due to the fact that it MAKES NO SENSE to sell new stuff in January AFTER holidays are over.

Anyway, I did snap a few good photos from the showfloor. I think my two favorites were the Delorian and the old skool Macintosh, as seen below:


Oh, props to Delicious Monster for a killer booth staffed with “Delicious Librarians” and the folks who had the Steve doll giving a keynote. Stellar. The whole flickr set contains more photos. I may toss a few more up later today. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Nanananananana MacWorld!”

  1. I love it when you get your Geek Girl on. 😉 The old Mac brings back memories of Ian learning math and reading using Mac kid software. Now he’s 20 years old and still using a Mac.

    Will the Macbook Pro be fast enough to process video?

  2. *grin* I enjoy it too. In February I think we’re going back to ComicCon so I can snap more costumes. 🙂

    Yes indeed the Macbook Pro can handle video. Especially the new ones.

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