Sunday Protest

There’s a corner down the street from me, near the mall where I used to work, that we’ve affectionately dubbed “protest corner.” Every weekend there’s a fellow out with flags and signs protesting the US occupation of Iraq. There are also periodic other protests staged there – I shook signs for the “No on 8” campaign there. Today there was a really big protest of the Israeli bombing of Palestine. I snapped a few pics with my iPhone. Protests are a kind of common occurrence here in California (I blame the nice weather) and I always enjoy seeing them.

Long line

War is not the answer

Happy Sunday!

One thought on “Sunday Protest”

  1. I wish to God I could have been there!

    The establishment and support of “Israel” is an ongoing atrocity against Arabs, and Muslims in general! That land was governed by Arabs for over 1300 years, before the British conquered it in 1918. But in 1948, instead of giving it back to its rightful Arab inhabitants, Britain–with the support of the U.N., but without the support of neighboring Arab nations–gave it to the Jews, as consolation for the Holocaust. The Arabs had nothing to do with the Holocaust.

    Incidentally (though the Jews don’t want you to know this), four million of the Holocaust victims were not Jews. Even Brazil offered a very large, fertile tract of land to the Jews–but they refused it. I have nothing against Germans, whatsoever. But it would have made more sense to give a strip of Germany to the Jews!

    There was no Arab/Muslim terrorism before 1948. And most Arabs and Muslims consider terrorism to be anti-Islamic. Still, most are angry. And why not? Generations of their ancestors lived and died on that land for over 1300 years! Then it was occupied by the British for only 30 years. And now it has been occupied by Jews for only 60 years.

    Furthermore, when Palestine was under Arab rule, both Jews and Christians were allowed to live peacefully among the Muslim Arabs. But when the Jews moved in, in 1948, they exiled countless Arabs, simply because they were “in the way”!

    Then in 1966 and 1967, the Jews took the remaining Arab land by military force, using weapons from the United States. In fact, “Israel” is the only Middle-Eastern nation with nuclear capabilities–wonder where they got that! The U.S. is now the primary supporter of the Zionist State (“Israel”)–giving it three billion dollars a year, in addition to countless weapons!

    And it wasn’t even the Arabs who drove the Jews out of Palestine, in the first place–it was the Christianized Romans. And the Christians are as guilty of this ongoing atrocity as the Jews–if not moreso! Because the Christians don’t care! The Christians don’t bother to learn about the establishment of “Israel”, or to study anything about Islam! If they did, they would be shocked at how much Islam has in common with Judaism and Christianity!

    Zig Ziglar writes: “Fair play seeks, not who is right, but what is right.” And the majority of Americans don’t care what is right, but who is right! I thank God I’m not one of the majority!

    The establishment and support of “Israel” is an ongoing atrocity, perhaps even an ongoing terrorist act! It is time we do what is right, and give all of Palestine back to its rightful Arab inhabitants!

    By the way, I am not Arabic, and I am not Muslim. My ancestry is Irish, English, German, and Cherokee. And though I was raised Christian, I renounced established, organized religion (including Christianity), years ago–and now follow a faith of my own. Because of this, my family often asks me why I care about the Arabs, and Muslims in general. My answer is simple: Someone has to!

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