Christmas week update

I’ve not been around much the past week but it’s not my fault – it’s the weather’s! My husband’s sister and her husband flew in last Friday to spend the weekend here. Then they were supposed to fly up to Portland to visit more family, and ultimately head to Thailand for a week of vacation. However… Portland got the worst snow in something like 20 years and I got a call from my mother-in-law at 3am Monday informing me that the airlines called to say that the flight was cancelled. So the troops were rousted and they spent a large amount of time in the 3-5am hours fighting with airlines to see about a rebooking. The fastest flight out? Friday, December 26. They were supposed to fly to Thailand on Thursday the 25th. We then began to investigate trains. And car rentals. And hot air balloons. And burros. And magic. Ultimately they decided that Christmas was ruined. The trip to Thailand was cancelled, refunds argued over, and now they’re staying the week with us, which has been fun as I have had shopping and lunch buddies all week long!

Our holiday has gone from a party of 2-3 (me, husband, our buddy from St. Louis) to a party of six (three plus 2 siblings plus buddy’s buddy showing up from St. Louis, maybe?). My husband was itching to make a turkey anyway so we figure the more the merrier – it’s just as easy to cook a turkey for 6 as it is for 3!

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas/Hanukkah/day off!!

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