Lazy weekend in San Jose

We had a pretty low key weekend this week but we did make it out to see our first Sharks game of the season. And it was against the St. Louis Blues. The Sharks won 5-4 and it was a pretty fun game. We had pretty decent seats. Seats which gave me a head on view of this:

Smoking shark


Over the next few weeks I’m working on a project for my mom. Her kids are doing the Flat Stanley project. One of her students, Brittney, colored me a Flat Stanley and sent him to me in the mail. I have to take Flat Stanley out and take pictures of him doing various activities. So I started with the hockey game. Here’s a picture of Flat Stanley enjoying the hockey game:

Flat Stanley at the Sharks game

Over the next few weeks I hope to get Stanley up to San Francisco for shots at the Golden Gate Bridge or Alcatraz or something – I think Brittney would really dig that.

My siblings-in-law are coming to visit this weekend and I need to get my Christmas shopping done. I’m usually an early shopper but somehow time slipped away this year. So I’m off to do a ton of chores! Happy Monday!

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