Close encounter of the creepy kind

This morning we were standing in the front of our apartment complex waiting for our ride to show up when our creepy neighbor made an appearance. I was seated on a bench reading the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, trying to not catch his eye, when I heard him shout “Why are you reading that?!” Startled, I looked up and said “This? Why not? It’s just a magazine.” He replied “Crime Scene Investigation. Why are you reading that?” And I had NO idea what he was talking about, until I realized there was a CSI ad, hyping the addition of Lawrence Fishburne to the cast. So I said “Ooh, that’s a popular TV show. It’s just an ad.” And he kind of harrumphed and walked away.

This is the same creepy neighbor who came out one night to tell a friend of ours, who was walking out of the building to go home, to get out.


And now I’m wondering why he was so freaked out that I might be reading up on crime scene investigations. Ah, apartment living.

I kinda want to draw a chalk outline and wrap his front door in police “DO NOT CROSS” tape now. But I won’t. Because he knows where I live.


5 thoughts on “Close encounter of the creepy kind”

  1. Andie – I know! Totally freaky.

    Tiffany – He’s some kind of Easter European so sometimes I think his creepiness is foreign-ness, you know? But lately he’s just being creepy.

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