Things I had forgotten about home

We’re in St. Louis staying at my mom’s house. The in-laws are on their way from Chicago. Turkey is thawing. My brother is out washing his new truck. So many things haven’t changed and yet, not having lived in my mom’s house for almost 15 years makes a girl forget things. Like showering in the vornado.

What’s the vornado you ask? My mom’s little house has 2 little bathrooms. In “our” bathroom (AKA the bathroom my brother and I shared) is a tub/shower combo. And we never used it, we always all showered in the master bathroom shower. Why? Because the water pressure is INSANE. You turn on the water and it creates a wind tunnel of water needles, which scared the hell out of me as a kid. I thought it was going to blow me thru the wall, it’s that windy strong. As an adult I kind of dig the free massage. I’d forgotten the wind factor though and thought my lungs were going to collapse there for a second till I figured out the trick to toning it down. (As I type this, my husband is in the shower and I just heard him say “WOAH!” Perhaps I should have warned him?)

I’d also forgotten about the hair dryer. I called mom to ask if I needed to bring one and she said she had one. I didn’t realize it was the original hair dryer invented in the early 1900s. Ok, it’s not THAT old, but I’m pretty sure it was the one she used in college. And it’s heavy. And when you fire it up it sounds a lot like a jet engine. And it’s HEAVY. I mean, I don’t have to do any tricep curls while I’m here that’s how heavy it is.

Also, my dog is pushy. And glad to see us. OK, we’re off to have some REAL BBQ for lunch. Yay!


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