My New Best Friend

I’ve been not so bloggy lately because I’ve been a bit busy. I managed to swing a killer deal and picked up something to make my life shiny and sexy:


Yes, I bought myself a high end new 15″ Macbook Pro. It’s super sexy sweet. The new trackpad takes some getting used to, as does the bigger size (I upgraded from 13″) but so far, I’m really digging it (now that it’s finally set up the way I want it). I’d even swear it’s lighter than the old black Macbook, though I’m sure it’s not. It also feels so much cooler on my lap. The LED screen is crazy bright and the high gloss screen isn’t bugging me. All in all, I’m really quite pleased with this machine.

My one frustration had been with the FireWire 800 – I’ve got nothing else in the apartment that does FW800, but plenty that do FireWire 400. I need to get my hands on an 800 -> 400 cable but they’re hard to go out and find. I guess I’ll order one from the internets after Thanksgiving.

If you’ve got any questions about the machine, fire away in the comments!

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