Hump Day Meets a Planned Abomination

I’m gonna drive down to LA and punch someone in the nose for this. Variety is reporting that Columbia Pictures is working on a remake of The Karate Kid. Starring Will Smith’s son Jaden. ABOMINATION I declare. Mr. Miyagi is rolling in his grave I tell you. ROLLING. I freaking LOVED these films as a kid.(Ok, not “The Next Karate Kid” starring Hillary Swank. That movie has bowling monks and it’s just plain terrible.) They’re 80s perfection. Get a new idea, Hollywood! And there’s no way they’re going to find a song as awesome as Peter Cetera’s Glory of Love to use as the big romance song. HMPF. Here’s the video with scenes from the movie to remind you of its awesomeness.

Viva Ralph Macchio! Happy Hump Day!


4 thoughts on “Hump Day Meets a Planned Abomination”

  1. No, there really aren’t new ideas. No wonder ticket sales are down…

    Incidentally, I was in a room with some Columbia Pictures execs recently and I was tempted to tell them what I felt about this. But I did not and my husband was very glad. 🙂

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