Dr. Pepper, FTW!

A long, long time ago I mentioned on this blog that Dr. Pepper was encouraging Axl Rose to hurry the heck up and release the new Guns ‘N’ Roses album, Chinese Democracy. Lo and behold, there’s an ACTUAL RELEASE DATE for the album – the single’s even playing on the radio I hear! What?! This mythical album is real?! After 13 years?!

Anyway, seems like Dr. Pepper has decided to make good on its offer. Want some free Dr. Pepper? Here’s how to claim yours, thanks to Dr. Pepper and G’N’R!

Those who want to claim a free soda can go to the Dr. Pepper website on November 23, enter some personal information and get a coupon for one 20-ounce drink that should arrive within the following 4 to 6 weeks. (The offer strangely said no free soda for former GNR members Slash and Buckethead.) The freebies expire in February 2009.

Now let’s just hope that the album was worth the wait… (you can pre-order it today on iTunes!)

Guns 'N' Roses logo

Dr. Pepper logo


One thought on “Dr. Pepper, FTW!”

  1. i like you song,
    slow rock bravo.!!!!
    the guns n roses.
    AXEL n SLAS,? whay…….
    my favorite;
    civil war, dont cry, estrenge, this i love, novembr rain.
    (thank you my jesus), idea by me?????????.
    god bless you n famile
    777 , israel `jerusalem. mossad inteijen, tel aviv, of america wtc 11 september tragedi

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