Hawaiian recap, for realz

Ok, a recap of Hawaii as promised eons ago.


On our first day, we decided to walk around the nearby area and hit stuff up. We swung by Waikiki Beach, which was packed on a Sunday morning.

Waikiki Beach

It was pretty cool to watch the surfers – there were lots of newbies taking lessons out in the waters:


Next, we hit the Honolulu aquarium. That’s where I met my boyfriend, the octopus:

Octopus at Honolulu Aquarium

He’d crawl out along the glass, I’d sneak up to snap a shot, he’d see me and would slide back into the dark corner of the tank. So it didn’t work out and I decided to stay with my human husband.

After the aquarium we walked across to a park to get a good look at Diamond Head Crater:

Diamond Head crater

We’d planned to hike up to the top some morning at dawn but, as it turns out, they CLOSED Diamond Head trail for a month the day before we were going to hike. LAME.

Anyway, we walked down to the Honolulu Zoo to see what was going on here. It was kind of odd because they had some odd statues and things around. Like this:


Why is there a human head in the crocodile tank?? The monkeys were pretty awesome though:


I have approximately 769 gajillion photos from Hawaii, by the way, I’ve flickered some of the highlights.


We walked to downtown Honolulu intending to see Iolani Palace. Which was closed. *sigh* But the area was cool and worth walking around so it worked out.

Iolani Palace

Nearby is the first Christian Church establish in Hawaii. It’s lovely.


We spent the rest of the day wandering around and exploring Waikiki.


2 thoughts on “Hawaiian recap, for realz”

  1. Thanks for doing this update. I really like reading about people’s travels, especially when they include the exasperating moments like when trails are closed the day before. 😉 It makes the trip seem all the more real because you know, that sh*t always happens to me, too.

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