Hawaii recap part 2

The sage continues…


Husband and I wore our Nike + sport kits as we walked around Sat – Mon and logged more than 40 miles. So on Tuesday we were glad to do some sitting as we were sore and a bit tired. On Tuesday morning we got up and hopped a trolly to a submarine tour. I was disappointed that the sub was white and not yellow:


The trip was pretty neat – at one point we were more than 100 feet deep and fish were swimming right up to the windows:


Then later that night we took a sunset dinner cruise out in the Waikiki bay area. We were looking at the meal options and noticed that the schwanky version included steak, lobster, and 3 drink tickets. So, uhm, yeah, 3 drink tickets = sold. The view was spectacular.


There was also entertainment on the ship:

hula girls

Husband and I were amused that as soon as the girls came out, a whoooole bunch of men jumped up front and center with cameras. 🙂

All in all it was a really lovely day.


We were so toured out we took a day of rest at the hotel. And in the pool. Good stuff.

This was the view from our hotel deck:

lanai view

I think we also availed ourselves of the massage chairs in the “chill room” that day. *thumbs up*


On Thursday we booked a trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center on the north end of the island. It was a good 45 mile drive up from our hotel. Our tour guide pointed out locations where they filmed things, so I did see the spot where they filmed the “Okinawa” scenes for Karate Kid II, the dirt bike scene from Snakes on a Plane, and
scenes from LOST. I was totally hoping to run into LOST cast members so I could kidnap Hurley or do dirty dirty things to… oh hi honey! 🙂 Anyway…

The Polynesian Center. Turns out we could have spent days there. It’s huge. It’s like Disney World for Polynesian islands. With a luau! There’s lots of traditional dancing:

Tahitian dancing

and lots of walking around learning stuff and watching demos and performances. Husband and I learned how to weave a fishing rod toy out of 2 palms and a stick thing. Then we took a canoe ride back to the front to start the luau (which was the big point of the visit for us).

One funny thing, we’re all sitting in this big canoe being poled around and the guide is teaching us stuff and says he wants to teach us a traditional Samoan song. So he says we need to extend our arms, put our heads up, and sing with him. And he starts to sing that Celine Dion song from Titanic – My Heart Will Go On. So we’re canoeing down this canal with a boat load of people just BELTING out Celine Dion. I just about fell out of the boat I was laughing so hard. We’re getting stares from other visitors as our canoe is happily belting out the tune. Other guides are just shaking their heads. It was excellent.

ANYWAY… luau time. We got lei’d and seated. And got to see our dinner for the evening:

roast pig

I’d never had roast pig before and I have to say – pretty tasty! We got to sample all kinds of Hawaiian dishes – like poi (which is gross) and salted pork and these awesome noodles that tasted like chicken noodle soup in a noodle. It was good stuff. Oh and fresh mango juice.

Then we waddled over to the evening’s show, which highlighted dancing and music from the various cultures. The coolest thing were the fire related events. Like this dude:

Fire guy

And we got delicious fruit with sorbet things at intermission. Hawaii is all about awesome fresh fruit. We pretty much gorged on pineapple and mango and papaya at any opportunity.

I’m going to leave Friday for a separate post as that was Pearl Harbor day and worth it’s own post.


5 thoughts on “Hawaii recap part 2”

  1. I LOVE that they were singing Celine Dion!

    I have been to 2 pig roasts this summer. Both were excellent too. Somehow I must get to Hawaii and do a luau.

  2. TheQueen – I could see how it would make an impression. It’s cool AND tasty!

    Maggie – WTF? You Cheeseheads just grill up whole pigs all summer long or what? The Celine moment was HILARIOUS.

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