Home Sweet Home?

We landed back on the mainland last night after an AMAZING week in Hawaii. We didn’t get to do nearly everything on our list so clearly we will have to return to Hawaii soon. Everyone we encountered in Hawaii was friendly and welcoming. The island is fricking gorgeous. The weather, well I have to say it got hot and humid and was pleased to realize that the weather here at home might be my most favorite in the world. But when you can jump into a gorgeous pool or, better yet, the ocean, it’s hard to complain much about the weather. Also, I had access to many Mai Tais and fresh pineapple so…

I uploaded a whole crapload of photos to my flickr account. I’ve selected a couple of my favorites and will highlight a few places this week on the blog.

Waikiki Beach in the dusk

Coral at the aquarium

Sunset on the water

Fire dancer

Guns on the USS Missouri

Flag at the USS Arizona Memorial

View on the plane home