Fry’s Electronics

Before I moved to California I’d heard of Fry’s Electronics – it’s a GIGANTIC store full of, well, electronics. And I mean HUGE – Sam’s Club/Costco huge. And it has everything from parts to build your own computers, to televisions, to washers and driers. Also books, software, DVDs, all that stuff. But what I did NOT know, until recently, is that Fry’s stores have themes. I did some digging and there’s all sorts of different themes.

On Saturday we visited the Fry’s in Campbell. And it’s Egyptian themed. So the Macs were displayed on gold painted tables supported by prowling black panthers. Seriously.

iMacs on panthers

The “Presentation Room” looks like a tomb:

Presentation Room

The exterior evens looks like a tomb. It was unreal. I have a few more pictures up on my flickr account.

It’s really kind of trippy and a little cheesy. And yet awesomely fun and a great marketing tactic – I snapped pictures and blogged about it. And next time I’m in Palo Alto, I’m totally hitting the wild west one.


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