That new car smell

I was cleaning out my news reader and ran across a fun bit of trivia. What exactly is that new car smell?

Well, here’s the bad news — that aroma is actually a collection of noxious fumes caused by the various glues holding the car’s interior together. And while collectively it may smell good, it’s not at all good for you.

ABC News explains that the new car smell may cause “headaches, sore throat, nausea, and possibly cancer.” The United States doesn’t have a law against the “volatile organic compounds” that cause new car smell, but some countries do. In the U.S., “new car interiors can contain 128 times the legal limit” in Australia.

So should a gas mask come free with every new car? Maybe, maybe not. This article from CNN reports that environmental groups are calling for new regulations in the U.S. Like all things government-related, this may take a while. In the meantime, new car owners should use solar reflectors, open their car windows, and park out of the sun when possible.

Total bummer! I kinda like that new car smell!