Californians – VOTE NO ON PROP 8

I don’t often talk politics here but I feel the need to mention something for just a second.

California Proposition 8 is a proposed state constitutional amendment designed to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry in California. The issue has already gone up to the Supreme Court of California, which ultimately ruled that same-sex couples have the right to marry.

I personally believe that

1. this is NOT a Constitutional issue. It’s been voted on and run up to the Supreme Court, end of story.


2. Gay couples are human beings, folks, and they have the same right to get into nasty marriages and divorces as the rest of us. 😉 I’m being flip but I’ve known many gay couples who have been together as long as, if not longer than, my husband and I and it breaks my heart that they don’t have the same legal protection and rights as us. These are loving, healthy couples who deserve the happiness of being together.

I’ve been hearing this week that the “Yes” movement is gaining steam and this makes me terribly sad. SF Gate has a list of reasons why the “Vote Yes” ads are actually misleading in that they give out false information – you should read it.

And if you live in California, you better be registered to vote (the deadline is October 20 and you can register to vote by mail – check it out), and please vote NO to Prop 8.

And to lighten it up since it is a Hump Day, here’s a little Paula Abdul for ya:

Straight Up by Paula Abdul


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