Dan Ackroyd and the odor of the crystal head

We were watching the Attack of the Show podcast and they tipped us off to something potentially awesome: Crystal Head Vodka.

Invented by Dan Ackroyd, Crystal Head Vodka is made in Newfoundland, Canada, and is triple filtered thru Herkimer diamonds. Dan has a whole big long video to explain what it is and why he chose crystal skulls. I’ve linked to the YouTube video but there’s a higher quality video on the official website (listed above):

So you have vodka, an awesome glass bottle, Dan Ackroyd, and the mystical crystal skulls (as explained in this summer’s Indiana Jones flick). All this led the internets to wonder if this was a viral marketing ad for a new Ghostbusters project (it doesn’t help that Dan cracks an ectoplasm joke in the video.) I’m here to tell you friends that yes, Virginia, this is in fact a real product.

My husband’s job this morning was to walk to our nearby liquor store and find out if this was something that could be obtained. And I now have a glass skull full o’ vodka sitting in my kitchen!

Crystal Head vodka

(That’s not my kitchen in the background.)

So, we decided to test it to see if it is as awful as Olivia Munn claimed on Attack of the Show. When we popped up the stopper, we agreed, it does smell like rubbing alcohol. I was brave enough to try a straight sip. It did actually burn my lips – I guess I’m a little chapped. We poured some vodka in and mixed it with lemonade or fruit punch. As long as you don’t pour heavy shots it’s not so bad. It’s definitely not something I’d sip straight but as a fruit punch type mixer it’s fine. Oh, it did seem to want to eat thru my paper cup – that’s a little worrisome. Maybe I had a really bad paper cup?

The bottle, however, is a work of awesomeness. Which was kind of the point of the thing for us, really. We’re planning to get thru the vodka (by drinking or by dumping, either way) and then want to use the bottle for fun stuff. Like mixing shark bowls or red fruity boozy punch in it. The glass is really quite thick and it does look beautiful. We’re excited to have new Halloween cups (hubby and I bought one, as did our friend). I really like the notion of getting drunk out of a skull. It runs for about $45 and we did find it at a BevMo store.

Now I kind of want to go get a third bottle so I don’t have to share my skull with anyone. And then I want to build a throne to sit on while I drink out of my skull – I mean, that’s what the ancient pagans would have done, right? I think I’d rock that look.