Sunny Monday

I decided to do something new today – the weather is simply gorgeous and I was tired of puttering around the apartment. So I took myself to the San Jose Heritage Rose Gardens. It’s kind of a weird place – just rows and rows of roses. But what makes it even odder is that it’s right next to the San Jose airport so there are all these really low flying planes coming in for landing right over your head. Anyway, it was nice to spend an hour in the sun walking around with my iPod and my camera just enjoying the scenery. I uploaded a slew of pictures to my flickr account. Here’s a few faves:

White rose

Pink rose

Orange rose

Roses & planes

Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Sunny Monday”

  1. I love pretty days, and I love pretty flowers, but I’m scared to death of bees so I have to stay away from flower gardens or my heart rate increases and I constantly feel in a state of “fight or flight”. 😦

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