Today I booked up a well-deserved vacation trip to… Hawaii! Woo!! Ok, my slacker butt doesn’t so much need a vacation, but my husband certainly does. And it would be nice to actually SEE him and have him be all relaxed and stuff. So in October we’re heading to Waikiki. The last actual vacation we took was actually in October of 2004. I figure we’re due for something fun. Here’s the hotel I booked us at:

Can’t wait!!


7 thoughts on “Jealous?”

  1. You KNOW I’m jealous! I’ve never been, but I’d love to go someday. I can’t wait to see all the pix you’ll take. C’mon October!

  2. Browsing your bookmarks… `Iolani Palace was very cool… I could picture myself living there, having my worshipers fan me with giant leaves =)

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