Bad hair day

Yesterday a Twitter conversation with Courtney got me to thinking about haircuts, and the fact that I’ve had many, many, MANY bad ones. The most recent was in 2006. I walked in to my nearby quick and cheap place and the gal I usually used wasn’t there! She’d actually left town! Oh noes!! So, after an internal debate, I decided to try the new girl. Oh what a mistake that was.

I sat in the chair and asked for a fairly simple cut – chin length bob, no layers, nothing fancy. I walked OUT of the salon with this ultra short, layered monstrosity. And when I say ultra short, I need you to understand that if you picked up hairs from the center crown top of my head, that grouping of hair was about 1 inch long. The entire cut ended by just covering the tops of my ears. And did I mention it was severely layered? I was kind of horrified. And stunned. But, you know, what are you going to do when it’s that short? Aside from shave it all, not a damn thing. So… I just let it go, found cute little barrettes for when it started to get longer as I let it grew out, and worked with it.

It took till just about the time I moved in 2007 (that would be July) till the layers were long enough to go to another place to get a real haircut. That top layer just took forever to grow since it was nearly eradicated from my head.

This leads me to recent times – just last week in fact – when I started to notice that I’ve got a bunch of grey. I’ve had grey for a few years now, but it’s coming in more now – I blame my old job. And my husband. Anyway, my concern is this: my mother and her mother were TOTALLY grey by the age of 30. I’ve passed that milestone gracefully (in the hair color respect, not in other respects) but I’m now wondering if I want to take a pre-emptive strike on the greys.

To add insult to injury, when I got my pre-interview haircut last week, the stylist lady tactfully mentioned highlights to cover the grey. This is something my husband has been teasing me about for years. So I’ve been considering it awhile and am torn on whether or not I want to commit to that kind of maintenance.

If I do it, I’ll go with a redder color – I actually have a fair amount of red in my hair naturally and it really comes out when I spend time in the sun. But I have this irrational fear – what if I end up with, say, pink hair? Or it falls out? I know, I’m lame.

So I have a 2 part participation survey:

1. What’s the worst hair cut you’ve ever had?

2. Do you color/highlight? How obnoxious is the maintenance?

Happy Friday!!


5 thoughts on “Bad hair day”

  1. I’ve never really had a truly horrendous haircut. Probably because I’m pretty relaxed about hairstyles (not one of those girls who cries when they cut long hair) and I’ll work with whatever I’ve got.

    I’ve colored my hair since I was 15. Naturally it’s a mousy brown (which I don’t like) so I’ve dyed it various shades of red (and purple!). Plus, the women in my family all go prematurely gray and my sister and I started going gray in our late teens/early 20s. These days I dye it myself with a box of L’oreal Excellence (Red Penny) every 4-6 weeks. It takes about an hour and a half between putting in the dye, letting it set and then rinsing it out and conditioning.

    I think it’s very simple to maintain, but I’ve been doing it this way for over half my life.

  2. I swear bad haircuts were the bane of my existence. I have really, really, really naturally curly hair. I’ve only seen a few white people with curlier hair than me in my life. When I was little, my mom really didn’t know what to do with it, so I basically had a little ‘fro until middle school, when I had bangs (WTF?) and then grew everything out just before high school. There was a mullet in there somewhere when I was too young to know any better. It was painful.

    It took me 26 years, seriously, to find someone who didn’t look shocked and suprised when I walked into their salon for the first time. When I move different places, I’d call salons and ask if they had anyone who specialized in curly hair. They’d snootily say yes, acting like how dare I challenge the idea that all their stylists could cut all types of hair. Then, I’d walk in and they’d just pause and say, “Yeah, you have really curly hair” and proceed to do God knows what like try to brush it out. Hell no. Put the brush down. Step away from the brush.

    Now I go to Jeff at Bouffant Daddy in Maplewood, who is the STL curly hair guru. When I first met him, he was so chill and normal because he has seen curlier hair than mine. He actually knows how to proceed when I tell him what I want. I will go to him until he retires.

    I don’t color (yet) because my hair is naturally really highlighted, but I’ve thought about it in the winter when it gets so brassy.

    Sorry for the comment manifesto, but I have gone through some stuff with my hair. Old war stories, really.

  3. I can’t say that I really have any hair cut horror stories, but any time a stylist looks at me they decide that I need to “get that hair back off your face, girl!” Well, ok, but their idea off getting it back off my face is to cut it super short and full of layers. As we all know, those damn layers take forever to grown out. 😉 So, these days I just have my mom or my sister cut off an inch or two of the length as needed. I cut my own bangs (which is probably not the best idea).

    I’ve been coloring my hair for over 25 years now. Only lately has it become a problem for me to do it myself because it’s past shoulder length now and I make a mess trying to cover it all. Mom has started helping me so that’s a good thing. I should highlight it, but I’m just too lazy to do it. 🙂

  4. Nominimom – I’m pretty mellow about hair too but it still sucked to almost have less hair than my husband. You’re the second vote for L’Oreal that I’ve gotten.

    KBO – My mom grew up in Minnesota and has this massive head of really course kinda kinky hair. It’s really very wirey. And when I says massive head of hair, I’m not kidding – when she grows it out it looks like shrubbery. It gave her terrible fits as a girl and she ended up going to a salon for African Americans, which, in the 50s in Minnesota was fairly shocking. Maybe I should refer her to your guy.

    KC – *grin* I’m a little afraid of the mess I’ll inevitably make.

  5. I saw this on a friend’s page and I had several hair disasters. Four words-Mary Lou Retton Cut.

    The reason I worte is to tell you that red is IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of. I loved being red, but it was incredibly hard to maintain…we’re talking monthly root touch ups, unless you have some natural red. I died my naturally gold-blonde hair dark brown three times to get rid of the red and it is still in the ends of my hair. I have had to grow out the red like you had to grow out your bad cut.

    Highlights are money, though. Much easier to maintain and not weird looking if you decide to quit doing it and grow out your hair. A good St. Louis hair stylist is Andrea at Face an Body on Brentwood.

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