This must be stopped

There’s an old saying that everything old becomes new again and this is often true of fashion. What’s starting to terrify me is that trends from the 1980s are starting to come back. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the 80s. I’m all about 80s music and I did many of the ridiculous 80s looks. But these looks should NEVER EVER NEVER make a comeback. We should all know better by now. Giant t-shirts with slogans aren’t flattering. Neon never looked good on anyone. Big hair = nightmares. Which is why I’m disturbed to see that PEGGED JEANS are making a comeback. And a lot of women are wearing them with their Sex and the City heels. Double ugh.

Katie Holmes

Ok, Katie, wearing Tom’s jeans and doing the peg and roll is not cute. You look like a dude wearing too big pants. (But maybe Tom likes that?)

The LA Times even published a helpful how to guide on the subject.

80s fashion

Using another 80s trend – JUST SAY NO!

6 thoughts on “This must be stopped”

  1. Katie looks WAY better in that look than I would 🙂

    It also looks like big jewelry is on the way back-does it balance the big hair and big tees? Since I never bothered to purge my jewelry, I can pull out some old stuff and save money this year.

  2. Like Kathy G (above comment), I also still have some of my 80’s jewelry. ha! And just 2 years ago, I finally donated to Goodwill my 80’s lycra stirrup pants. That’s right. I still had the stirrup pants, even tho they hadn’t been worn since the early 90’s. Now, c’mon, you know 80’s style continued on into the early 90’s. 😉

    I got a book from the library yesterday about sergers. Didn’t realize til I got it home that it was published in ’86. You should have seen the home-sewn fashions! OMG. Horrendous. All those huge, and I mean HUGE shoulder pads. The women looked like linebackers.

  3. KathyG – I dunno, some that that monster plastic jewelry might need to be exorcised.

    KC – HA! I LOVED stirrups. And yes, the 80s rolled until about ’92 as far as I’m concerned. I was looking at suit jackets the other day and one of them had big ole Designing Women style shoulder pads. I was very afraid.

  4. Oh god – agreed. HEINOUS.

    I saw Fergie in those high waisted “mom” jeans a few months back too.


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