I have an internet problem at home that is being monitored and looked at but it’s been so bursty that I might be in and out.

Anyway… I have a 2nd interview on Friday so I have to get all fancied up. Again. Which means shopping for another kinda formal interview outfit. This displeases us.

What pleases us is this, via my pal Old Aunt Amy:


Ok, I’m off to use and abuse this internet and get caught up on all my trashy celebrity news. Oh and real news too I guess.

4 thoughts on “Sporadic”

  1. Hilariously scary. It always amazes me the propaganda that was used for the war. I wonder what people will think of messages that are sent out in this day 60+ years from now – there is probably stuff that we don’t realize (completely) is propaganda that actually is.

  2. Bill Maher wrote a book based off one of these war time posters: “If you drive alone, you drive with HITLER” and rephrased it for today: “you drive with BIN LADEN.” Some sentiments were right on during that time, and we’ve gone backwards a bit.

  3. a.eye – I love the old propaganda stuff from the war. Loose lips sink ships!

    VK1 – Indeed. Sometimes I like Bill and sometimes I want to slap his smirky face but that actually sounds interesting. I’ll look for it!

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