New career

Apparently I’m looking at totally the wrong line of work. It seems that the money is in Barbie outfits.

Clothing creators for Mattel usually make around $62,610 a year, according to CNN. And get this, producing Barbie outfits makes Mattel one of the biggest clothing manufacturers in the world!


By the way, I did a Google search on Barbie and this was one of the top images. I have no idea what it’s for exactly.

Bomb carrying Barbie

Incidentally, WordPress tells me that this is post #401 on this site. Woot!


4 thoughts on “New career”

  1. I’ll bet the money is in *designing* the Barbi clothes, not in sewing them. I wonder if they send the sewing off to sweatshops? I should research that.

    Have you ever tried to sew a sleeve to a bodice on a Barbi outfit? Jeez Louise, it’s impossible to do by machine. Must be done by hand. Ask me how I know. 🙂

  2. KC – It’s definitely for designing. I’m sure they do have small children sewing them. Eons ago when I was little my mom used to make me a ton of Barbie clothes. She used the machine for some of it, but it wasn’t fancy bodice work. What’d you make??

    Lane – It totally is some kind of suicide bomber Barbie. I just have no idea why.

  3. I made a Restoration-era Barbie. This was many years ago and after I finished it, I knew that my Barbie designing days were over for good! Way too much trouble. (I made her in honor of Amber St. Claire, the lead character of my fave book “Forever Amber”.)

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