Happy Hump Day With Even More Kenny Loggins

I have been listening to the Top Gun soundtrack so today’s flashback returns to the theme “Oh God oh God please don’t make a sequel to Top Gun.” Also, I have an interview today with a company that’s kind of a dude company – not totally thrilled about the job but if they offer a fat pile of cash… Anyway, Playing With the Boys by the always awesome Kenny Loggins:

Man I used to love this song but I’d never actually seen the video till today. Alright, I have to get all fancied up this afternoon so I’m off to get a haircut and all that girlie stuff. Happy Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “Happy Hump Day With Even More Kenny Loggins”

  1. Nominimom – LOL. I know! She totally is!

    Kathy G – The outfits are super hot.

    I love that Kenny is happily bopping along. And that he’s totally not lyp synched to the music AT ALL.

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