Holy statistics Batman!

CNN is reporting that Americans are driving less because of the increase in gas prices. And by less I mean, holy heck that’s a big number!

Americans drove 9.6 billion fewer miles in May compared with a year earlier, according to a report Monday from the Federal Highway Administration.

I helped! See, unemployment IS good for SOMETHING!

Also interesting, I thought, was this:

Some of the most dramatic increases occurred in the light rail systems in Baltimore, Minneapolis and St. Louis, the commuter rails of Seattle and Harrisburg, Penn., the buses of San Antonio and Denver, and the subways and elevated rails of and Boston.

The whole article is pretty interesting, including the funding ramifications of less driving. But man, oh man, I’d like to see information on smog levels and the like from that month too.


5 thoughts on “Holy statistics Batman!”

  1. The second set of data is really cool. Hopefully more people are carpooling and using alternate modes of transportation and not just refusing to go to places. (not that staying home is bad… I do it a lot in the summer time, especially when it is super hot outside, and when I am super lazy).

    I’d like to see the pollution statistical changes, as well.

  2. Maybe this means the CTA will have enough revenue this year to not have to threaten to shut down when it comes time for the Illinois budget creation.

    I know, who am I kidding?

  3. endub – My mom was just in Springfield, IL and the Frank Lloyd Wright house there shuts down Aug 1 – no money.

    a.eye – I’m curious to see if St. Louis’ MetroLink finally gets expanded.

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