Evil Dead: The Musical

On Saturday night my husband and I went to Martinez, California to see something I’ve been wanting to see for years – Evil Dead: The Musical. I’ve been a big Sam Raimi/Evil Dead fan for quite a few years now. If you’ve not seen the Evil Dead trilogy, it’s a campy horror cult classic starring the always awesome Bruce Campbell. It was turned into a musical in Toronto some years ago and a little cabaret style theatre company in Martinez has been performing it since Friday, June 13. 🙂

Anyway, Martinez is a little town about an hour north of us – it’s a bit north of Oakland. We got up there early because I wanted to make sure we could find it and walk around and have dinner up there. Turns out it’s a cute little town and the theatre was in the cute little downtown area.

Downtown Martinez

We walked around for a little while then settled on a brand new Mexican place that was DELICIOUS.

Lime soda

Then my husband did a tech support call for his mom. 🙂

Then we got to the theatre and saw the awesomeness that is Evil Dead: The Musical. It’s very R-rated, very funny, and has a splatter zone for the people that want to get bloody.

I tried to snap off a photo of Ash with his chainsaw, but it came out blurry (it was dark and I was using my iPhone) but you get the gist.

Ash. Chainaw. Blurry.

It was great fun. I’ve uploaded more photos, along with scans of the program so you can check out the song list and some fun stuff from the program. Oh, and they served food and drink throughout the show – bonus!


8 thoughts on “Evil Dead: The Musical”

  1. KC – It was a local group. I think the show in Toronto is finally closing (it’s been running for quite a long time). It was Off Broadway for awhile. I’ll be curious to see if New Line ever picks it up. It’s definitely fun.

  2. Bruce Campbell is in a USA network TV series called Burn Notice – it’s a more sarcastic silly Alias, if you haven’t heard of it. It’s in its second season now but you can watch all episodes from Season 1 online at USA’s website.

    I was just in San Diego and it turns out that all of California is beautiful and filled with cute little downtown areas. What’s up with that? Geez.

  3. VK1 – It’s funny, I knew he was on there but we have no cable. Last week iTunes gave away 2 free episodes (the 2 part finale from last season) so I finally got to see him in it. It’s kind of a cute show!

    And yes, California’s kind of adorable.

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