The Whistle of DEATH

Ran across this nifty article on CNN telling of freaky whistles that they found buried in the hands of a skeleton. I’m pretty sure that the baby across the courtyard is simulating the whistle of death when s/he screams in the afternoons. Anyway, it’s an interesting look at death rituals of the Aztecs – I guess they used whistles for a lot of things.

We were toying with the notion of going to Mexico to vacation and look at some ruins and stuff. Anyone been and have suggestions?


5 thoughts on “The Whistle of DEATH”

  1. Nothing to do with this particular post, but I noticed in your sidebar that you are reading “Too Great a Lady”. So am I. While I am enjoying it, it’s a bit of the same old same old because I’ve read numerous biographies of Lady Hamilton. She is a very interesting character. I have a thing for courtesans, so I read a lot of books about them. If I were the kind of person who believed in past lives, I think I may have been one in a past life. Really. 😉

  2. I just finished it – it was my first Emma Hamilton book – if you know of others, lemme know! I have a li-berry card now! 😉 I could see you getting your courtesan on! 🙂

  3. Craig – Good to know!

    Mexico Vacation Awareness – We’ve been avoiding it because they have a bit of a, you know, shooting problem lately with the drug wars. It’s off the books for this year but I plan to keep it on the list of places I want to see some day. I’m so sorry for the loss of Nolan.

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