I’m kind of impressed with this level of sleaze

So Anne Hathaway’s VERY Recent ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, (they only broke up a week or two ago – they’d been together for 4 years I think) just got arrested. For some pretty heavy stuff – his bail’s set for $21 million. But my FAVORITE part of this? He told people that he was the Chief Financial Officer of… the Vatican. He told people that he was buying land in the US at a discounted rate and got people to give him money to invest in it. And then he spent said money on himself. Oh, and by the way, Bill Clinton and his “Air F*ck One” buddy, Ron Burkle, are also in this story. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should read Vanity Fair’s really interesting piece on Bill Clinton.

ANYWHO, it’s a big nasty mess. And, doesn’t he look like Zach Braff?

Raffaello Follieri

There goes MY scheme to say I’m with the Vatican! (Seriously, who buys into that without, you know, CHECKING first.)


3 thoughts on “I’m kind of impressed with this level of sleaze”

  1. I can’t see anyone in the picture other than Anne Hathaway. Is he behind her? Maybe the contrast is messed up on my monitor or something.

  2. Phoenix – I agree! Who DOESN’T check to see if there’s a, you know, CFO of the Vatican. I think this ranks up there with “I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to see ya.” Which is why I’m kind of impressed.

    Gregg – He’s the tanned Zach Braff-looking blob to the left.

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