This cracked me up

Anne Hathaway, on making out with Steve Carell, in “Get Smart” (which my stupid husband got to see a free sneak peek of last night – without me):

And making out with him is like … the yummiest lollipop dipped in sunshine in a masculine wrapper; that’s the only way I can put it. …”

Ok, I’m going to do something productive now, swear to God.


5 thoughts on “This cracked me up”

  1. I seriously love her. I think she’s so cute, talented, and underrated. Hopefully this will push her up a few notches in Hollywood’s eyes.

    I keep hearing/reading rumors on the gossip blogs that she’s a lesbian too … that would be kind of hot, even though it would, of course, do *nothing* for me. 😉

  2. Phoenix – Carrell had similarly complimentary things to say about kissing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a different interview. 😉

    blasphemousandoffensive – There’s something weird about her eyes but she seems both smart and funny. She was dating a real douchebag – he was being investigated for embezzlement and stuff – but I think she finally dumped him just recently. Lindsay Lohan’s making lesbian the new black.

  3. Did you see Steve Carrell on The Daily Show the other night? Too funny. Steve said he would be happy to buy Jon a new suit with “real” pockets and also buy his show. heehee.

  4. blasphemousandoffensive – Yeah, her ex is officially a creep.

    KC – No!! I will have to watch that online. I like Steve ON the Daily Show and his visits back are hilarious. He also seems like a crazy nice guy – when he won a Golden Globe (or was it an Emmy) for The Office several years ago he said his speech was written by his wife (who worked with him on The Daily Show) and it was ridiculously touching. Love the Steve!

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