Mystery Photos

One of the things I’ve been doing in my “retirement” is scanning photos and keepsakes. Partly to throw some stuff away and partly to organize photos for future use. And I also love the idea of a digital backup in case of fire or disaster. I’ve scanned several hundred items since I started doing this a few months back.

My mom’s got literal paper grocery bags of photos at her house. For her 60th I stealthily took a big pile of them and organized them into a few albums for her. I have approximately one zillion more to do. Yesterday I ran into a group of photos that I absolutely don’t recognize. I know I pulled them from her pile but I don’t think they’re anyone in the family. Two of the photos have processor imprints from Valencia. As in Spain. I don’t have family in Spain! Who are these people? I adore a few of the shots too. I think they’re largely from 1965 (based on a stamp on one of them, and they seem to be a set). I’ve created a new flickr set for them – I hope to get some of my family to look at them and ID them. Right now i am having a vague memory of my dad telling me he had a foreign exchange student living with them one year – maybe that’s it? I really have no idea, I just know I like some of them. Like this one:

I’m thinking of picking up Reunion 9 and getting back to the VERY little work of family tree-ing that I’ve done. I think it would be nifty to have a visual tree with all the pictures I’ve been scanning. Anyone use Reunion or do genealogy? I know it’s a huge time suck but I’ve got some time right now.

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4 thoughts on “Mystery Photos”

  1. I used to use Family Tree Maker and I got quite a bit of info about my dad’s branch; a little about my mom’s; and tons of stuff about hubby’s family that was all hand-written, so I digitized it. Lordy, lordy, genealogy is like being stuck in quicksand. I finally escaped it and I’m not going back again!

  2. I love old family photos. Unfortunately, many of my family’s photos were lost when my grandfather died. (Not lost, per se, but most likely hidden in my uncle’s basement somewhere.) I have a couple albums that need to be scanned, and thankfully, I have a scanner that handles 120 film when I find the odd negative here or there.

  3. KC – I think I’m getting a slew of old photos from my gramma. I think it would be cool do to some kind of photo tree with them. Some distant relative self published huge volumes of handwritten notes. But it’s of multiple families in no particular order. I’m afraid to dig into it though I have the first volume on the coffee table.

    Kathyp – I like them too. My uncle has this crazy memory for knowing old relations too.

    Phoenix – Yeah, I really like it. It’s large too – almost 8.5 X 11. I’m thinking about framing it.

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