Random thoughts on a Monday

This is what my apartment complex looks like at 3 in the morning on a Sunday when the fire alarm’s going off:

fire alarming

This is what I look like at 3 in the morning on a Sunday when the fire alarm’s going off:

shadow legs

Cate Blanchett is in Hot Fuzz, in an uncredited role. Which makes that scene just a little funnier.

oldnavy.com can SUCK IT.

The new Incredible Hulk was MUCH better than the Ang Lee version.

It’s MUCH cooler today. Hooray! It got melty in the mid-90s late last week, which was uncool. Literally.

Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “Random thoughts on a Monday”

  1. So, where was the fire actually? In someone’s apartment or on the grounds? Hope all is well and that no one was injured!

    I love Edward Norton but I am not a fan of super-hero movies so I think I’ll pass on this. I’ve also passed on the Robert Downey Jr flick even tho I would drink his bath water.

  2. Oh man…that late night scene reminds me of college whenever someone pulled the fire alarm. What a pain.

    What’s wrong with oldnavy.com????

    Happy Monday.

  3. KC – Dunno what the deal was. Some people on the 3rd floor were on the balcony pointing something out to the firemen. There was a faint smell of smoke. When they nice fireman told me it was cool to go back to bed, they were still looking. I’m guessing something electrical somewhere but I don’t know. It was enough to keep setting the alarms off when they tried to shut them down I guess. RDJ is REALLY fun to watch in Iron Man. So charming.

    Phoenix – Yeah, me too. Oldnavy.com got “enhanced” and now it utterly fails to work the way it’s supposed to. Actually, for awhile it wasn’t working at all for me. And the 2 emails from tech support were just plain stupid. Death to oldnavy.com!

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