Busy weekend, sorta

On Saturday night we finally saw the awesomeness that IS Point Break LIVE! Let me tell you, when you go to a play and they ask if you want to pay $1 for a poncho, the answer is “YES.” We had a blast. They started with the casting of the evening’s Keanu. A bunch of volunteers came up and were given 3 things to do to prove their innate Keanu-ness. And a chick won the role. And she was awesome – she had the Keanu voice and mannerisms down pat. The show was audience interactive – during the bank robbery scenes we were the hostages. There was an excellent video of a car chase. The principals (Patrick Swayze, Gary Busey, Lori Petty, John C. McGinley) were all fabulously represented, as were the surfer dudes. All in all, we had a really fun night. We hooked up with one of my husband’s co-workers for good Thai food beforehand too. Oh, this was in the poncho survival kit, to stave off the bank robbers:

Keanu bucks

Sunday we did brunch (yum, but no mimosas) and saw Indiana Jones. Not the best entry in the series but still a lot of fun I think. Plus, Indy said “I have a bad feeling about this” which I loved.

Monday was a good lazy day and we sat around and made burgers and watched some movies. I finally saw An Inconvenient Truth which is surprisingly powerful for a slideshow by an ex-politician. Also watched another chapter of Planet Earth, which continues to be amazing. Oh and my husband’s made us start watching Farscape, which is pretty entertaining.

On the job front, did a face to face interview on Friday and a phone interview for someone else this morning. Either would be cool though today’s employer would be financially better I think. I got invited to do a face to face after today’s phone interview so that’s a good sign!

Ok, I’m really going to do something productive now. Happy Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Busy weekend, sorta”

  1. I so want to see Point Break. It sounds Monkey-awesome!

    Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. We in St. Louis had a bit of sun and a lot of intense lightning storms. Scary storms.

    I did some crafting and watched another disk from the Due South tv series. I just can’t get enough of Paul Gross. (oh, and I finally got my Slings & Arrows dvd’s to the Monkey Queen. I think she’ll love Paul Gross as well.)

  2. Sounds…………..interesting. Not like any other play I have heard of. I would be pissed, though, if I got soaked! Good luck with the job hunt!

  3. KC – It was Monkey-riffic. Raunchier than Monkey, which was appropriate for the film. I asked for the complete Slings & Arrows box set for my upcoming b-day so *fingers crossed* hopefully soon!

    Grand Royal – Magic Smoking Monkey Theatre in St. Louis does similar types of works. Crazy fun. They were VERY clear that, particularly since we were essentially seated on the stage, we’d get really wet. Thanks for the job wishes!

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