Memorial Day Thought

On this Memorial Day I wanted to pass something along. We still have a lot of men and women serving abroad, both in Iraq and in Afghanistan, among other places. And to bring a bit of cheer to those dedicated men and women who are serving much longer than usual, there’s been some talk of how to show support and good will to our troops. Todd had a post a few days ago about a cool way to just show your support with postcards and say thanks to some American soldiers. I’m going to run out tomorrow to find some postcards – I’ve had family serve over the years and I know that it means a lot to the guys and gals over there to just get an unsolicited bit of mail from home. I encourage everyone to look at Todd’s Postcards Post if you want to find a fairly cheap and easy way to make a stranger’s day in a scary foreign place. I may not agree with our position in Iraq, but the men and women over there deserve to know that we’re hoping for the best for them.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Thought”

  1. Thanks both for the blog mention and more importantly for supporting our troops. They’ve definitely been doing their part for us.

    Postcards are a great and simple way to show you care to both our troops and to your friends. The nicest thing is they encourage the writing of a note by hand, a personal investment, to send them out.

    To a service member, especially in a far away place, they mean so much. The best days when I was away from home weren’t just the times off duty, but the days we received mail. Even a simple card brightened the day.

    Thanks again for the mention and encouragement to send a postcard.

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