Coming to Broadway

Oh my goodness, there’s a Bruce Lee musical coming to Broadway. Cinematical says this:

According to Variety, the show will incorporate Lee’s biography with elements from the Monkey King story of Chinese mythology. BBC News adds that the musical will include martial arts, Chinese opera, modern dance, and pop music. So, yeah, it gets weirder the more I hear about it.

David Yasbek, the guy who write lyrics and music for the recent musical versions of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and The Full Monty is slated to score this one, too.

In other Broadway news, it looks like the Spiderman musical writing process is nearing completion and my be up and running kind of soon. Julie Taymore is directing (she directed The Lion King on Broadway and the film Across the Universe) and Bono and The Edge from U2 are writing all the music.

Both of these shows make my brain explode.

Slightly related, in cleaning I found this cool old postcard of my husband’s. Happy Saturday!

Green Hornet postcard


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