We woke up this morning to the smell of smoke. The across the courtyard neighbor
was out on his balcony smoking so we thought that was it, no big deal.

And then the smell got stronger and smelled more like wood. There’s some kind
of work going on outside so i thought maybe it was a chain saw and they were
cutting trees.

My husband just left for work and then came back in and said “You need to see this.”

We walked to the part of the walkway where you can see out across the street and the sky by the mountains is GREY and smoggy. Not the normal California fog that you sometimes see. And that is when we realized, oh crap, it’s smoke from the wildfire.

See, there’s currently a fire ravaging the mountain between Santa Clara County and Santa Cruz. And this is kinda near to where we live.

FOXNews has a good summary of what’s happened up to this point. We don’t live next to the mountain, so I’m sure we’re totally fine. They said last night that we have firefighters here from as far north as San Francisco to help out. It’s not helping that we’re in a bit of a drought – there’s a lot of super dry brush and stuff to burn.

Santa Cruz wildfire

Always a new experience in California! 😉

UPDATE: Found a map showing where the fires are. Clicking on a camera icon gets you a photo from that area. We are kinda near the 280/17 exchange so are well out of range.

6 thoughts on “Wildfire!”

  1. I don’t think us midwesterners understand what that’s really like. Seriously tho that’s crazy to think that at any time your house could be the next in line, ugh.

  2. Holly – I’m sure we’re in a good spot but thanks!!

    Joe – I know! I’d finally gotten used to the notion of earthquakes but wildfire is kind of rare in this area. My husband is at work a bit closer and said that the smoke is stronger and some people left because of headaches. I think they just wanted a longer holiday weekend but whatever. 😉

    KC – Oh lord no. No no no.

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