Photo of the day

I ran across this post on the Mental Floss blog (which, by the way, is awesome) about a man who took a Polaroid picture of himself every day. And it documents his life, his wedding, and then, suddenly, his cancer. You need to read the post to get the full impact, it’s kind of a beautiful story.

Since the announced death of Polaroid film, I’ve had an itch to pick one up, along with some film. I remember we had a big honking Polaroid camera as a kid – I wonder what happened to it – maybe it broke? I should email Mom and find out…

Anyone out there still have a Polaroid?

Polaroid camera


4 thoughts on “Photo of the day”

  1. I have several polaroids: a couple one-steps, a propack, a big swinger that I need to take on a test run, and a Pronto!, one of the few non-folding SX-70s. I use them regularly, until the film runs out. (Need to replenish the “stash” before it’s too late.)

  2. Yes. We have one around somewhere that we bought for Ian when he was a little kid. I don’t know if you can get film for them anymore. If you can get film, I’m sure I could get that camera away from him somehow and send it to you.

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