Disjointed thoughts on a Monday

It got really hot here. 100 degrees hot. But now I understand how serious humidity is – in St. Louis 90 degree weather had 100% humidity and my lungs felt on the verge of collapse. Here, 40% humidity or so, not so muderously terrible. But still not 70 degrees.

In any case, I’ve been kind of, well, sluggish.

I did learn that there’s a free gum offer to help stop Uwe Boll from making more movies, so that’s funny. And his latest work just got yanked from its upcoming release.

On Saturday we saw the new Harold & Kumar movie. It was funny (NPH RULES!) but less funny than the first. Though I might revise that with multiple re-watches. Drunk. 😉

We had a nice Sunday brunch with a friend in San Francisco and we got to play with 2 doggies. And it was much, much cooler. So that was pretty great.

We finished off V the TV series last night. There was a funny episode in which they were frantically trying to gain access to… a computer! And they were HACKING. Which, honestly, in 1985 was a pretty new concept so kudos to V for being current. It made me realize though we’ve come a long way since 1985 in terms of technology. The aliens have CORDLESS PHONES on their ships – pretty high tech stuff. I will say though that I think the mini-series and short movie held up better than the serial weekly TV series. But still interesting stuff. I think next we move to Torchwood.

Ok, I’m going to go be productive. Have a great Monday!


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