Why we won the war

Ran into a hilarious piece on the introduction of the Oreo cookie to the UK. Who knew the Oreo cookie could be so disturbing? Frankly, I think that the US of A threw off its British shackles because of our amazing ability to eat ANYTHING. Sugared lard on faux chocolate – bring it on!

Oreo cookie in milk

While I was looking for Oreo cookie images I found the above, linked to a blog post with some interesting looks at Oreos and Oreo wannabes around the world. God I love the randomness of the internet.

Happy Saturday!


3 thoughts on “Why we won the war”

  1. Kathy – Hydrox used to have “variety packs” and lemon cream cookies. They were good stuff. I used to be able to get them in Champaign-Urbana back in the day but you’re right, I haven’t seen them lately either.

    KC – Yeah I liked that too. I guess they also have no Nilla Wafers??

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