V is for Victory!

So Andrew and I have been on TV marathon kicks lately. He’d been wanting something from his youth for awhile so I picked it up for his birthday a few weeks back – the V TV series. But before we start the series we had to watch the original mini-series and the “final battle” TV movie first. So… we downloaded the mini-series’ off the iTunes store and blasted thru those this weekend.


V ran in the early 1980s and is the story of what happened when aliens arrived on Earth. They claimed they came in peace, and needed our help for survival, but what they claimed and what they needed were two different things. Some humans decide to rise up and expose the aliens for what they really are. I won’t say any more as it would spoil it.

I’d watched these as a kid with my parents but didn’t remember a whole lot of the details. There are tons of allusions to the Nazis – the propaganda, methods, etc. harken back to Hitler’s methods. I was waaay too young to understand that in 1983.

Since it’s from the 80s, and was on TV, the special effects are wicked awesome. Though I have to admit, higher production than I would have expected for a mini-series. There are some familiar faces in the cast: Joanna Kerns (the mom from Growing Pains), Marc Singer (star of the Beastmaster TV series), and the always AWESOME Michael Ironside.

V was pretty popular – the original series spun off another mini-series and then a regular TV series for a season or two. We have the regular series left to watch – several DVDs worth of episodes.

I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed watching these episodes and if you liked it in the 80s, it holds up fairly well – just don’t tell my husband. 😉