Thursday nights are now TV bliss

Tonight I have The Office, then 30 Rock, switch to ABC for LOST and then blisssssss…

Tomorrow night we’re headed up to San Francisco to hear Sasha and John Digweed, 2 DJ type fellows that we both enjoy. It should be a good show (if we can stay up for the 10pm start)!

In the meantime, I’m working on the home office. It’s the biggest thing to tackle in the apartment. I’ve scanned and uploaded several hundred items this week. I found a bunch of cards and mementos from our wedding 6 years ago – yikes! Making room and throwing stuff out! The office closet looks damn good now, if I do say so myself. I do now have a mountain of stuff to haul over to Goodwill.

Oh, if you want to check out Sasha or Digweed (or even Tiesto), there are a bunch of free podcasts from these guys up on iTunes.

John Digweed


Tiesto – I’m listening to podcast 49 right now as I clean!

4 thoughts on “Thursday nights are now TV bliss”

  1. I wish I was up to Season 4 on LOST so that I could enjoy that same 2 hours of awesomeness. Of course, I went to an art show last night anyway… maybe I can get to Season 4 by next week!

  2. And to think I almost gave up on Lost early in the third season. I’m so glad I didn’t because this 4th season is some of the best TV I’ve ever seen. Incredibly strong season this time around. I have last night’s episode on my Touch and as soon as my boss leaves early (like he frequently does), I’m going to watch it again. 😉

  3. Grand Royal – I knew there was a reason I liked you!

    Nels – Catch up! Where are you guys in your LOST viewing now?

    KC – This season is AWESOME. And last night, my head exploded.

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