My Mac can do ANYTHING!

Wired has this really cool article today, that’s timely both for me and all y’all midwesterners as of late. The Quake Catcher Network has this idea of using Mac laptops in the wild to act as seismometers as early earthquake warning systems. See, Macs have these built in motion sensors – they’re supposed to detect a falling laptop and then lock the hard drive to protect it. These smart scientist type folk are using the motion sensors for quake detection. Read the article – it’s pretty cool!

5 thoughts on “My Mac can do ANYTHING!”

  1. What about using Nintendo Wii machines for this application? They are ALL about motion sensing.

    I’m not volunteering mine, though. Mario Kart Wii comes out next week. The Wii will be occupied!

  2. There’s a cool little widget that acts as a level too (with the bubble and all) that would be handy if you’re hanging a shelf or something. Of cours at $2000 that’s a pretty expensive level!

    My machine has been saved by the hard drive locking up, it fell off of my coffee table (only about 2 feet or so), it was frozen for about 10 seconds or so and came back around.

    I love macs, a deep deep mac kind of love.

  3. I have Super Mario Galaxy sitting on my end table…loaned from a friend. I haven’t dared to put it in, because I want to finish Zelda – Twilight Princess first.

    Unfortunately, I know that Mario Kart is going to interrupt that.

  4. Joe – Yeah, I played with that widget when I got my MacBook. 🙂 I have to say, the MagSafe connection has saved me more than once.

    Gregg – It’s a fun, fun game! I started Zelda then work picked up so I need to finish it. Lemme know how Mario Kart is when you get it!

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