Hump Day – Hungry Like the Wolf

This came up on my iPod the other day and it’s been stuck in my head ever since. EVERYONE had a crush on Simon LeBon in the 80s. My babysitter/best friend was convinced she was going to marry him at one point.

Duran Duran is making a comeback album that’s due out sometime this year – I don’t think I missed it did I? In any case, Justin Timberlake helped them with it, and is slated to be on a track with them so I’m curious to hear how it turns out.

Hungry Like the Wolf – Duran Duran

I still think that the Bruce Campbell version might surpass the original though. Happy hump day!

4 thoughts on “Hump Day – Hungry Like the Wolf”

  1. Sweet. I love Duran Duran, though I didn’t have a crush on the lead singer. Must have been too young. 😉

    The Bruce Campbell version is WAY better!

  2. Damn office video blockage!

    Although, now I’m picturing Margaret Cho…

    ‘Kay-Tel just released a 5-CD compilation entitled “Rock of the 80s.” We will be listening to this music forever. In fifty years we’ll all be in some senior citizen’s center going “Oh, put on ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’ again!”

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