And another thing

Via Slice of Sci Fi:

For those who remember the 1986 film “Short Circuit” and enjoyed it will be happy to know that the frisky robot listed in the military’s database as simpy “Number 5″ is coming back to the big screen. He was dubbed Johnny 5 by his human buds Ally Sheedy, Steve Guttenberg and Fisher Stevens.

Johnny 5 was a specialized interactive robot designed by the military as a highly sophisticated weapon. However, it evolved and developed its own conscience awareness and unique personality after being hit by lightning. Once Johnny’s sense of right and wrong kicked in it was no longer deemed reliable as a weapon and scheduled for destruction. With the help of human friends, Johnny 5 set out to escape those who wanted his demise.

S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock, the original creators of all the characters in the first film and the scribes behind the screenplay have been called upon to write this new entry from Dimension Films.

I loved the original Short Circuit and all, but seriously Hollywood, leave the 80s alone!

Short Circuit poster


3 thoughts on “And another thing”

  1. Seriously. Bill and Ted and Short Circuit were good for what they were, but they weren’t good movies. Certainly not good enough to be remade.

  2. I never saw this movie. I’m not much of a robot/gadget movie kinda gal. Except for the three original Star Wars movies, of course.

  3. Endub – I totally agree! Make your own cheesy awesome movies, people!

    KC – Short Circuit was a really cute 1980s family robot comes to life film. But it’s not like they left unexplained information. Hell, Steve Guttenberg didn’t really come back for the sequel…

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