Worst trip ever

If you’ve been following my twitter feed you saw that this trip to Chicago sucked. The actual time spent in Chicago, that was nice, but the travel part… not so much. A 4 hour direct flight on Thursday turned into a 19 hour travel day with a massive layover in Austin. Thanks to the American Airlines MD-80 inspections, our initial flight was cancelled. We re-routed to Austin, where we got trapped for something like 6 hours because of snow at O’Hare.

This morning we woke up and prepared for our return flight and at about 11am learned that our 7:30pm flight had already been cancelled. BOOOO. And I finished my book so I have next to nothing to read! Waaah! So, now we hope to fly out tomorrow. At least this time we’re not stuck in an airport.

Anyway, in my ample free time of browsing I ran across this – a home designed as a nautilus shell. It’s wicked cool looking, check it out!

Nautilus shell home


4 thoughts on “Worst trip ever”

  1. Yes, I was keeping up with your Twitter updates and I could FEEL your frustration coming through loud and clear. 😉

    Hope all is well now.

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