If I lived in St. Louis

I would be buying tickets for this.

Breakfast Club live

I’m not familiar with the theatre company but man I love The Breakfast Club! And the friggin song that I always refer to as “The Breakfast Club song,” played below!

Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Minds


3 thoughts on “If I lived in St. Louis”

  1. I do live in St. Louis, and the location of this play (musical?) is very close to my house.

    My wife loves that movie, so I’m guessing we will end up going to the show. We are also going to “School House Rocks Live Too” on the 6th of April.

  2. Gregg – Welcome! I have no idea what the Marble Stage Theater is like but hey, Breakfast Club! And “School House Rocks Live” is very fun!

    KC – I’d never heard of Marble Stage before. Am curious.

    Report back if anyone goes!

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