The power of Oprah compels you!

A Chicago woman is running something of a social experiment – to live her live based on the principles espoused by Oprah. She has a daily blog detailing her “progress” and it’s a pretty fun read. Here’s a sample from today’s post:

Ever since I went to the Oprah boutique in Chicago, I’ve been a bit stirred up by what I see as a pretty major contradiction. Oprah seems to have “mastered” the lessons in A New Earth to a level where she feels enlightened enough to teach a class with the author. As those who have read the book know, Eckhart Tolle teaches that our egos are our obstacles in living from a place of truth. Now, the Oprah boutique is filled with clothing, housewares, stationary, etc, all with Oprah’s name or her initial emblazened on them. I have to wonder…isn’t this an incredible display of ego? I think it’s brilliant, from a commercial perspective and I don’t actually think it was a wrong choice for Oprah to make. Clearly, a smart business woman, she understands that people will spend their hard earned dollars on merchandise that has her stamp. However, I can’t reconcile this with the fact that every week she gets online and “teaches” us to live without ego, without facade. Is Oprah more of a “do as I say, not as I do” educator? I’m curious to hear what you think: should she really be a flawless example of the lifestyle she suggests (ie. commiting to eat on the Best Life Challenge diet plan since she asked us all to sign contracts to do the same)? Or is it ok that the messenger doesn’t live the message?

Also – a few of you have voiced a hope that I share: that Oprah’s shows, after the reruns end, reflect the egoless lifestyle she is teaching from her online pulpit every Monday night. That she no longer equate dressing more stylishly or owning the items on a “must have” list with feeling better about ourselves and living our “best” lives.

There’s an Oprah boutique???

I used to work at a big bookstore and we always HATED Oprah book club day. And sometimes the book club fans. Or the one time Oprah told everyone to go out and buy this one album that was “widely available” and was, in fact, a hard to get foreign album in limited release and NOT prepared for Oprah-ification. “But Oprah SAID” was the bane of our existence.

In any case, the blog’s worth a read so go check it out!

Oprah is watching you


4 thoughts on “The power of Oprah compels you!”

  1. I know the bookstore you’re talking about. I once worked there thru the holiday season. Remember how employees were allowed to borrow hardcover books? Well, one day I borrowed a book and on the way out the door the manager said, “Please tell me you are NOT taking home an Oprah book! There are so many other books to read and you’re choosing an Oprah book?” He was highly insulted, I think. Turns out on his closer inspection that my book was NOT an Oprah book at all. But I learned a lesson that day that Oprah books were not looked on with respect by store employees.

  2. 1. I SO MISS being able to borrow books!

    2. Some of her book picks are kind of cheesy.

    3. She really pissed me off when she stopped the club because her reason was “there’s not enough good books for me to endorse.” Really Oprah? Not enough good books in the world? Hmpf.

  3. I love Oprah, but I know some people go absolutely KA-BONKERS when she says she likes something. Which is, of course, an amazing testament to her power today. I used to get her magazine, but after a year of seeing her gussied up on the cover every month…I just need and O break.

  4. Citygirl – I liked her for awhile and then… I dunno, she got a little high and mighty or something. Honestly, I think I like her when she’s heavier – she seems more real. But I think the more powerful she’s gotten the less accessible she is, at least for me.

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