Meet Bill

A while back a Jessica Alba, Aaron Eckhart, Timothy Olyphant, and Elizabeth Banks filmed a movie in St. Louis. I know like, half the crew and random locals involved in the film. The scenes in Jessica Alba’s retail store were filmed a couple of storefronts down from my workplace at the Galleria. Anyway, the film’s coming out soon and I ran into a trailer for it. There’s lots of St. Louis shout outs in it too. Check it:

But most of all, my friend MIKE BOWDERN is in the trailer! How cool!!


3 thoughts on “Meet Bill”

  1. I’m at work and as you know, no video on our terminal servers…. BUT I found a way to get back to my old desktop, which only runs Windows 98. Once there, I was able to access the trailer (and actually hear it!). I’m so excited that Mike B is in it! I’ll go see the movie just for that 2 second clip!

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