In which I pretend I got a life

So other than quitting my job this week, I also managed to fit some fun stuff in. Well, to be honest, quitting was kind of fun too. 🙂 Here’s a quick recap.

All About Dad ticket

On Wednesday night we went to a Cinequest premiere of my friend’s movie. Cinequest is a San Jose film festival and my co-worker, Mark Tran, premiered his film as a work in progress. His film, All About Dad, is a look at a Vietnamese family’s struggle to balance the traditions of the parents against the Americanization of the children. It was heart-warming and funny. Who knew Mark was so talented? 😉 The official film website, with a trailer, is here.

On Thursday I took the day off work (I had some time to use up from a special gifting) and accompanied my husband to his work’s “team event.”

Kooza ticket

Yes, we had free passes to see Cirque du Soleil’s show “Kooza.” And the concessions were free too. Hooray for Drew’s awesome job! We loved the show. As usual, the performers did crazy stuff with their bodies that made my joints hurt to watch. And the clowns were really very funny.

On Saturday we took advantage of the good weather and walked to the movie theater, which if you go the long way is 4 miles away. About 2 miles in I fell down. So now I’m insanely sore and a little bruised. Nothing’s broken though. I felt like an idiot though. We made it to the movie theater and saw the new Jason Statham film, The Bank Job. It’s a pretty good heist film that’s allegedly based on a true story, which is pretty insane when you realize everything that happened in it.

And tonight I might be going out with some girls. If my sore, lazy butt makes it.

How was your weekend?

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