So I mentioned in January that I had a few “new year’s resolutions” this year. I’ve decided recently to address item #4 – “I’m going to fix my work situation, some way some how.”

I’ve given notice at my company. My last day is a week from Friday. I don’t have a new job lined up. Eek! But really that “Eek” is a “Yay!”

I’m going to take some time to get my life and self and apartment in order. And I’m going to find a new, cool, awesome job that makes me thrilled to wake up in the morning to go to work again. Or at least one that’s not retail that gives me actual time and holidays off. I’m just too burned out in my current job and I have some serious frustrations with the way my current store is run so it’s time to move on.

7 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-change”

  1. Good for you! It must seem like a big weight off your shoulders. If you need a reference, I can tell a prospective employer how great you are as a stage manager. Stage managing is not an easy job. It takes a strong, organized person to do it well.

  2. Well, damn. Good for you. I could tell you weren’t too happy at your new location! I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

  3. Thanks everyone! I’m a little nervous but mostly I’m just plain ready to rest for a bit and then find something refreshing and new.

    And Nels – yes, it’s ON now. 😉 Guitar Hero here I come!

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