When I think action, I think… Brian Austin Green

So last Sunday we drove up to San Francisco to check out WonderCon 2008. I’d never been to a comic book convention, nor am I a huge comic book fan, but you know, it seemed like fun, and I wanted to see all the geeks in costume. I uploaded some pictures to my flickr account. Here’s a sneak peek:

Darth Maul & Stormtrooper

We walked around a lot to check out the wares. Saw lots of costumes. And sat in on some panels/movie trailers. I think my favorite moment was Brian Austin Green and Josh Friedman on FOX’s Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles panel. They were talking about the casting of Brian on a sci-fi action series and he said, well, it’s the title of my blog post. He had a really awesome perspective on his life and his status in Hollywood and it was refreshing to see an actor with such humility and a sense of humor about the whole profession.

Josh Friedman is the executive producer and primary writer for the show. And he totally reminded us both of Kevin Smith – they have a similar look and are both tremendously funny. He told a story about getting a Terminator head sent to him in a box, ala the movie Seven, and his 3 year old son reached into the box and grabbed it and said “Terminator! Let’s go home!” Hilarious.

Anyway, enjoy the photos!

3 thoughts on “When I think action, I think… Brian Austin Green”

  1. The only “con” I’ve ever been to was that one where we filmed scenes for Hooch & Daddy-O. What a hoot! Those folks are damn serious about their fandom, aren’t they? My scene in the movie was filmed there in the parking lot.

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